Prizes Winners!

The winners of the prize draw are:

  1. Evanthia Kavas                           (Playstation 5)
  2. Anna Maria Kamakari                 (Tablet)
  3. Konstantinos Delimosis              (Drone)
  4. Konstantinos Solomonidis         (Smartwatch)
  5. Andromahi Karotsi                     (Σετ πληκτρολόγιο)
  6. Nikolas Fissas                             (Ηχείο Bluetooth)


Draw Procedure

All participants will take part in the prize draw, regardless of the score they have achieved. The draw will take place on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 at the law office of Ms. Sakarellos Dimitra, Attorney at Law at the Supreme Court, 11 Kodrigtonos Athens, Greece, PC: 10434, Phone: (+30) 2108823221.

The draw of the prizes of the contest will be done with the use of the electronic platform

The draw will result in the same number of winners as the prizes of the contest, who in the order of the lottery will be able to choose any prize they want, if no one else has chosen it before them.

The winners will be notified by email to which they will be able to respond within 5 days. In case the date expires, the selection priority will be transferred to the next successful candidate.

The photos of the prizes on the website of the competition are indicative and may not accurately depict the prizes that will be received by the winners (color, model, features, accessories, etc.).

Responsible for the smooth conduct of the draw and the return of the prizes is the organizing company Super Contest O.E.