Schools and Educational Organizations

We encourage both private and public schools, as well as any other educational organization, to enroll their students in the contest, since there are multifaceted benefits for everyone.

Please contact us for any information needed. 

Educational Benefits

Students are given preparation material which includes basic spelling rules and their exceptions. They learn to pay attention to the spelling of each word and thus memorize it more easily. The contest is a great chance and motive for studying and revising vocabulary!

Students also become more familiar with the use of web platforms for educational purposes. Learning to use the computer and the internet to access modern ways of learning has already proven to be an essential skill for young people nowadays.

Charity as a cornerstone of our culture

For each participation, we donate 2 € to SOS CHILDREN’S VILLAGES in order to support its charitable mission. Our children must learn to contribute to society. Through their participation in the contest, they will be helping build a loving home for every child in need.

Marketing and Branding

Taking part in an international contest can be really beneficial for your marketing and branding. It proves that your organization is active and has a leading position in the field of education. Posters and other advertising material of the contest will be provided to the schools so that they can communicate their involvement in the educational activity.

Quality Assurance

Express Publishing provides the content material for the contest. As a globally leading ELT publisher, it guarantees the excellent quality of the contest texts.

Ease of procedure

Students register and pay online by themselves. Results and Award Certificate are sent to them directly via email. Schools have no involvement in the contest’s procedures.

Marketing Material

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