International Spelling Contest 2021

The International Spelling Contest 2021 will be held online from 2 to 5 December 2021.

Levels to participate: Α1, Α2, Β1, Β2. Participation fee: 15 €

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Express Publishing provides the content material for the contest. As a globally leading ELT publisher, it guarantees the excellent quality of the contest texts.

The prizes of the competition

Prizes will be distributed by lot. Read here information about the draw.

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A loving home for every child

SOS Childrens Villages

For  each participation, we donate 2 € to SOS CHILDREN'S VILLAGES in order to support its charitable work.

Find out how SOS Children’s Villages drives change for children and young people every day, across the globe.

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Sponsors of the International Spelling Contest 2021

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Information about the International Spelling Contest 2021

The contest will be active from Thursday, December 2 until Sunday, December 5, 2021. During this period, you can log in whenever you want and answer the contest questions. From the moment you start you will have 2 hours at your disposal. The questions will be a total of 40.

The vocabulary examined and the degree of difficulty corresponds to your CEFR level (A1, A2, B1, B2).

Anyone can participate in the contest regardless of age or nationality.

Award Certificate - International Spelling Contest

For  each participation, 2 € are donated to SOS Children’s Villages in order to support its charitable work.

All participants will take part in the prize draw, regardless of the score they have achieved. This way, everyone will be able to enjoy the competition without stress! The draw will take place on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 at the law office of Ms. Sakarellos Dimitra, lawyer at Areio Pago, 11 Kodrigtonos Athens, Greece, PC: 10434, Telephone: (+30) 2108823221.

Participation fee: 15 €

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